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About Us

Yemmek is an online food and market delivery platform that integrates the blockchain technology. With Yemmek, your orders are instantly sent to the restaurants which we work and you will be notified in case of approval.

With Yemmek you gain kahve token in every transaction which based on tron blockchain inside portal. In near future you will use that tokens for discount or buying something more. Now only you can withdraw kahve token to your tron based wallets.

With Yemmek, you can order foods from multiple restaurants in sametime. Anyway you dont need to empty your cart for every different orders.

Yemmek Yemmek Yemmek!

Line Codes

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Happy Customers


Our main goal is to increase your customers with the prefect bridge which we established between our business partners and our valued customers!

Strong Infrastructure

Thousands of restaurants, millions of customers, we have enough power for all of us!

360 Degree Access

360 degree access opportunity with the possibility of access from the not only web, also android and ios.

Cloud Technology

Updates in a scalable structure on the cloud are live on every platform in a very short time!

Always Active

Your restaurant is active 24/7, if you want, always ready to order!

Partner Value

We both earn our partners and create opportunities in new sectors.

%100 Solutions

We offer solutions to both restaurants and customers with a solution-oriented work.